Leadership Team

Evan Arvidh

Managing Director

Mr. Evan Arvidh, Managing Director, started his journey to establish Ainoviq India Private Limited a decade ago to make it as one of the leading search firm across India. He is credited with building Ainoviq India into India’s best Business Services provider. Under his leadership and excellent knowledge about the domain and the urge to learn new things has made him a prolific leader in the industry.

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He holds master’s degree in business administration. After having spent more than a decade in different roles in Private Sector he decided to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur in the year 2010. Being a seasoned Human Resource professional with over one decade of experience he has proved to be an entrepreneur as he is responsible for providing a strategic direction to Ainoviq India with his innovative approach. He is continuously working towards achieving the best and to build pioneering solutions for clients in the human resource domain. Arvidh’s expertise in identifying value-accretive and transformative deals combined with his focus on operational efficiency and business development has helped Ainoviq India scale itself rapidly.

Mr. Arvidh is a first-generation entrepreneur. Like a baby bird taking flight he has grown to be eagle eyed from a one-man operation to one of the leading HR Services firm. He is passionate about public speaking and has conducted various workshop, interactive sessions etc., and been acknowledged at various conferences as a public speaker where he has shared his viewpoints on different subjects.

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Meenakshi Shah

Executive Director

Ms. Meenakshi Shah represents the niche league of women professionals in India, who have managed to build their significant position in the corporate board, through their strong leadership and expert skills. With a 10 years long experience in the Human Resource Development, Ms. Shah has come a long way from being a student of management, carrying out roles at senior levels in corporates that eventually transcended her to lead one of the most reputed HR brands in the country Ainoviq India Private Limited.

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She is responsible for leading diverse divisions of the company, especially the Human Resource, IT, and Telecom which have emerged as one of the strong arms of the organization both internally and externally. Ms. Shah has mentored many young professionals under her guidance, as an advisor and as a keen strategist she has nurtured diverse projects for the company which has been executed across diverse domains.

As a people’s person Ms. Shah is also leading the CSR division of the Ainoviq India Pvt. Ltd through the involvement of internal employees. She has showcased her responsibility as a corporate citizen through initiating programmes and activities which entail active Employee Engagement. She is also a multitasking queen who organizes the office and keeps everything on track.

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