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Ainoviq India Private Limited is an HR process consulting company offering comprehensive Human Resource solutions Across Sectors, roles and complexities in India. With key insights and a deep understanding of the general business requirement in the gamut of HR we provide flexible, tailor-made solutions to our clients from Recruitment to Retirement in the employee life cycle. We take up customers recruitment, payroll and compliance loads under a single window. We pride ourselves in coming up with solutions that are on time, within budget & executed well. we connect our clients with the right talent, and the talent with the right opportunities. Ainoviq India Private Limited works closely with Large and MSME’s in Logistics, Logistics-Enabled in Manufacturing as well as other Service oriented companies for their human resource requirements. We have also associated Business Partners or Agencies spread across the length and breadth of the country to penetrate our services.

The story behind “Ainoviq” as brand-

Like all good invented brand names, ‘ainoviq’ won’t be found in a dictionary, but it suggests many meanings. Ainoviq is a distinctive name, on closer inspection, it reveals more. This invented name is formed from the combination of the word elements like ‘Aspiration’, ‘achievement’, ‘innovation’ & ‘intelligent’ and inherits some of their power. The name also conveys business acumen and the pursuit of success.

It starts with the letter ‘A’ which places the name in the ‘achieve’ or ‘aspire’ and ends with the ‘IQ’, which communicates business intelligence and universally understood as measurement of intelligence. In other way around if you look IQ, the letter ‘I’ which enhances the message of inspire or Inspiration, and the distinctive use of the letter ‘Q’ at the end adds a contemporary edge to the entire word frame and that what makes the name so distinctive and memorable.

And between these two powerful themes the word part ‘inov’ which clearly echoes the word ‘innovation’ which drives home a message of newness and invention. This gives the name a real sense of originality and creativity, which makes it a perfect choice for a business at the leading edge of fresh thinking and new ideas. The more you look at Ainoviq, the better it gets. It also stands for uniqueness. the Uniqueness that can empower and change people’s world by creating a positive impact on the lives of its employees, candidates and clients. In short, this is a smart, dynamic name with real depth.

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